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In cooperation with Pristop advertising agency, the creator of Roylet ad, we prepared a campaign for client Donat Mg that took place between 7th September and 7th November 2015 with a goal of raising recognition of the Donat Mg brand on seven markets, where Donat MG traditionally sells.



The target audience of Donat Mg mineral water used to be of the age 45 or over with focus on helping with inconveniences like constipation and heartburn, but the company realized new opportunities and wanted to attract new and mainly younger target groups by renewing the brand and awareness raising on variety of the products usages.



The Donat Mg mineral water was not well known outside of Slovenia and that is why the company decided to invent Roylet (Royal Toilet), a custom made public toilet, with which they can demonstrate to the users, how Donat Mg treats them royally, when they are faced with constipation. The goal of the Roylet campaign was to raise the recognition of the brand on several markets, where Donat Mg sells traditionally, i.e.: Croatia, Serbia, Great Britain, Italy, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro. In Slovenia, the campaign strived to strengthen the position of the Donat Mg water.



The company decided for a fun and attractive video ad, showed on the largest video platform, YouTube. The ad wanted to show, that with good digestion, which Donat Mg contributes to, we feel royal, as the kings used to. The video offered the opportunity for a fun content advertising campaign, which accepted on all the targeted markets.



The decision to use the Google AdWords platform and its video advertising solutions was the only right choice at that moment. The company says that Google plays a starting point in their media network, for YouTube has a wide range and relevant target audience. As one of the comparative advantages of YouTube in comparison to other video platforms, they also state its cost efficiency. With its connection to Google AdWords platform, they were able to analyse all the data and optimize the campaign as it went along. That was followed by a statistical data analysis with Google Analytics.



The primary marketing goal was raising the recognition of the brand on foreign markets, such as Croatia, Serbia, Great Britain, Austria etc. The company based the campaigns core goals on that: wide range, high view rate, competitive CPV (cost-per-view), high VTR (View-Through-Rate).



The primary goal of the Donat Mg Roylet campaign was to raise interest and awareness on the brand on the target markets outside Slovenia and reaching a younger demographic group. The company was aware that they would not be able to reach the same effect through television, for their target audience does not watch TV, and they were working on a budget that did not allow a usually costly TV-campaign. They say, that they really only had one possibility, that is, to publish the Roylet (Royal toilet) video on YouTube and hope to reach the target audience.


The case study was published on Google AdWords Blog Slovenia

Donat Mg campaign

Simona Koren, head of marketing

The Roylet campaign is and entwining of an daring idea, excellent production and smart planning on Google AdWords platform. We are super satisfied with the effecr and are continuing the activation in this direction. We want some more!