Slamič coffee shop



We can now limit our campaign targeting geo-locally within Slovenia and thus target specific cities. We tested this approach with our client Slamič Ltd. (Slamič Coffee shop), located and operating in Ljubljana. They organized outstanding music nights in the city centre in June and the goal of the campaign was to sell-out those nights.



Companies that limit their operation on a specific geolocation or city were faced with difficulties to limit their campaign on the targeted location when advertising on digital channels (Google, Facebook) and not spend their money where it wouldn't be effective. Example: local hairstylist in one part of the country (N) advertises his services on Google or Facebook and his ads will be visible to users at the opposite part of the country (S). Naturally, there were solutions to this problem, but none was 100% effective. Now this has changed!



Google and Facebook now offer geo-targeting also in Slovenia. This solution proved crucial for our client for it took place only in Ljubljana and its surroundings. We have created a specific advertising strategy (chosen digital channels and ad formats) and limited the targeting to specific geo-location.



The results were extraordinary and above all, effective. By geo-targeting we showed the ads only to users, located at a specific location. There were 200% more site visitors then before the campaign. 82% were first time visitors with high quality visits. The client sold out all the music events and was very pleased with our service, support and consultation.

Slamič Coffee shop


I see that online marketing can have big impact, when done correctly! I am looking forward to our next cooperation.