Business offering

We convert ambitions, ideas and goals into projects that are eligible for public funding.

We closely cooperate with you to prepare a high-quality project proposal and help you establish complex administrative criteria, as well as provide assistance with project management.

Naturally you also have the benefit of our in-house analytical, design, development, communications and creative teams to support your efforts.

  • Project Design & Management
  • Identify Grant Opportunities
  • Prepare Project Proposals
  • Partner Search & Networking
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Reporting & Controlling
  • Branding & Communications
  • Design & Development


What kind of challenges does the enterprise face in terms of the environment? Are there any open opportunities we can use to our advantage? Is there a specific problem we need to tackle or address? What would we like to change? How do we rate these issues in terms of the future business potential?

What kind of opportunities / factors can be identified in the nearest and broadest surrounding / business / political / environmental that influence the baseline? What needs to change and who has the influence to change it?

Many projects can be implemented only through partnerships between institutions and stakeholders that improve overal project quality and maximize the objective realisation potential. Can we identify relevant stakeholders in terms of the baseline assesment? Domestic, foreign?
What will the project aspire to achieve? How are the results quantified for relevant performance analysis and monitoring of project progress and impact?

What are project actions - measures, activities? How are we going to achieve our set objectives, with what kind of strategy and tactics? What are the key success factors? How long will it take to execute the project? Can we imagine the key milestones and set a timeline for the activities?

Resources we have and resources we need to implement the project. Control of resources allocation, what is the strategy going to cost to implement, what are the key cost drivers of defined activites?

What will be the team setup and who will manage project activites, report, coordinate etc? Which capabilities are still missing and will need to be outsourced elsewhere?
We scan for the most promising grants that match your project’s strategy, identify potential (international) partners and help you meet all other conditions to become an eligible applicant.

We take the hassle out of gathering and preparing the necessary grant application documents and filling out the forms.
We provide assistance in terms of project organization, management and reporting.

As part of Pristop Group, we can leverage our in-house analytical, design, development, communications, PR and creative teams to support your efforts.
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