Sustainability strategy

Promoting the use of Slovenian wood

Analysis, Key message, Visual identity



SPIRIT Slovenia, a public agency, and the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology have been carrying out a number of national and international activities since 2013 to promote Slovenian wood and wood products, with the aim of raising the general awareness of wood, promoting its use in building and furnishing homes, and informing the public about the advantages of wooden construction and the use of wood in the living environment, as well as its ecological significance and social responsibility. As part of these activities, D'Agency prepared a comprehensive media campaign entitled "Let's use wood" with the slogan "Let's choose Slovenian wood".


By using wood, we can do a lot for our wellbeing, for a clean environment and also for a successful and competitive Slovenian economy. So how can you design messages for various media channels that will encourage and raise the awareness of the general public to increase the use of wood in both construction and furnishing, and graphically equip them?

D solution

We created a brand book containing the campaign visual identity and communication strategy. The aim of the visual identity was to present wood in a warm and friendly way and with the most natural image of its beauty, as well as to introduce a red thread on the recognizable structure of wood, which will be a distinctive visual element through each communication channel. We divided the campaign message into two basic pillars: PEOPLE and PLANET.

D results

  • A visual identity for the promotion of wood "Let's use wood"
  • Communication strategies and key messages for TV, radio, print, OOH and digital
  • A change in consumer habits

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