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In recent years, it has been extremely easy to notice climate change. It is also increasingly clear that large-scale social and political change is needed to ensure a sustainable future. Such changes depend on public support, which underscores the increasing role that climate change communication must play in climate transformation. With the aim of creating productive conversations about climate change that will make people feel more engaged, informed and ready to do something different, D'Agency has developed the climate café concept.


One of the obstacles to more collective action on climate change is the informal agreement we've apparently made as a society not to talk about the issue. This barrier is often referred to as “climate silence” and represents the fact that people, even though concerned about climate change, tend not to talk about it. Breaking the silence is important because people are more likely to take action if they feel it is consistent with their identity and if supported by the people and groups they associate with.

Many practices of sustainability marketing or communication about sustainability usually still apply the old-fashioned “speaker-listener” lecture format and are aimed at a fairly broad public. However, it is necessary to ensure a shift towards a dialogue, or to engage in joint learning instead of didactic communication.

D solution

Climate café is a series of travelling lectures, discussions or workshops based on the expertise of lecturers in the fields of sustainable mobility, low-carbon society, sustainable construction and efficient use of energy in buildings and companies, green public procurement, food waste and land use, land use change and forestry. In the pleasant atmosphere of a café environment, we inform the general public about climate change, organise lectures and discussions, enable meetings with experts from various fields, and attempt to answer the questions that arise in connection with climate issues. Climate café attempts to match its content with the specific location. To the place it is invited. Due to its flexible concept, it fits perfectly in libraries, cultural centres, or various lobbies.

D results

  • Discussions in the field of sustainable mobility, energy efficiency, food waste, etc.
  • Cooperation with more than 20 Slovenian organisations that create and support sustainable practices
  • 20 bicycles repaired as part of the accompanying programme

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