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LIFE IP CARE4CLIMATE is a 8-year project comprising 15 partners. Through the awareness-raising, education and training of key stakeholders, the project encourages the implementation of measures to help Slovenia meet its greenhouse gas emission reduction targets by 2030. As a communication partner of the CARE4CLIMATE project, D'Agency wanted to provide young people with a space to engage, participate, communicate and generate solutions to address global climate change issues. We did this by combining dissemination and information activities and adding a strong networking component at the same time. We were determined to organize an event with as little waste as possible and we can proudly say that we succeeded!


How to attract young people and motivate them to participate in the food waste prevention initiative while also proving that a sustainable event can be as fun and colourful as a traditional one.


The Hack4Climate hackathon on reducing the amount of food waste took place at Ljubljana Castle. As many as 33 young people from all over Slovenia, aged between 16 and 24, were faced with the challenge of having 24 hours to come up with a solution and present their ideas to the expert committee. Together with the support of our partners and allies, D’Agency managed to implement an almost zero-waste sustainable event. We reduced all kinds of waste, logistically limited the usage of cars and provided environmentally friendly communication materials. By buying food from local farmers and collaborating with a restaurant that employs vulnerable people who are threatened with long-term unemployment, we supported local businesses and social equity.


  • 9 smart solutions on food waste prevention and reduction
  • 90% participation rate
  • 89 net promoter score
  • A sustainable almost zero-waste event

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Activation Campaign