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D'Agency, in cooperation with the Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning of the Republic of Slovenia, was responsible for the organisation and implementation of the international conference With Successful Practices to Climate Neutrality within the LIFE IP CARE4CLIMATE project. Implementation of the sustainable event was one of the goals, which we committed to very seriously and passionately.


Understanding the concept of sustainability is often mistakenly limited only to the protection and preservation of the environment, but in fact sustainability refers to maintaining the balance between environment, economy, and society. How can all three pillars of sustainability be addressed during the event without compromising its activities and appeal?

D solution

The international conference With Successful Practices to Climate Neutrality embodied its title. Thanks to the Depo Vrhnika reuse centre, we gave the sustainable “final touch” to the conference. Reusable bags from waste curtains were created at Depo and then distributed to the conference participants. With the furniture restored by their employees, the meeting place at the conference was turned into a pleasant café, and a wheel of fortune was made from waste materials, which the participants happily span. In doing so, we supported so-called green jobs and the local economy and contributed to the reduction of waste, thus addressing all three pillars of sustainability.

We further contributed to the reduction of the carbon footprint of the conference by limiting the amount of printed materials which were printed on recycled paper, we encouraged the participants to come to the event in a sustainable way, we provided them with environmentally friendlier food and also duly raised their awareness about this.

D results

  • Promoting sustainable economy
  • Event with added value
  • Sustainable event with reduced waste
  • Satisfied participants, who noticed and commended the organisation of the sustainable event
  • Raising the awareness of the general public and changing their habits.

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